New Parent Packages

The East Texas Down Syndrome Group distributes gift packages to parents (or caregivers) who have a child with Down syndrome of ANY age without charge. We do this through direct request via email or phone at (903) 740-3843. Sometimes ECI (Early Childhood Intervention), medical providers, family members or other supportive individuals make the request on behalf of a family. We are happy to accommodate these requests in any manner. Packages can be mailed or delivered personally.

We welcome all new families and want to help you as much as you need us along your family's journey.

To request a new parent package, please contact Kelly Bunger at 903-894-6769 or Sonia Alonzo (Spanish-speaking) at 903-407-6579.

Please include the following in your message when making a request on our website:

Parent Name(s)

Phone Number

Mailing Address


New Parent Registration